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Information & Links To Make Yours and Your Pets Life Even Better!

Over many years and many pets, I’ve learned a lot. When you know more you do better and I always want to do the best I can for my pets and yours! This page is full of products and services I use and recommend. The Nutrition & Health Guide below will give you a good base of knowledge.

Look into the different products and services. Become informed. Ask questions, make comparisons, do some research. Don’t be afraid to call or email a business with questions. This will empower you to make good decisions for your pet and not just buy something because me, your neighbor, your BFF, or anyone else told you to.

One of the best things you will ever do for your dog (and all the dogs that come after) is to purchase the book below. The Forever Dog is full of amazing facts and information! I can not recommend it enough.


Pet nutrition (& people nutrition) are a bit of a passion for me. In this Essential Pet Food Information Guide I share many of the things I’ve learned over the years.


  • Find out if your current food is contributing to unwanted behaviors such as anxiety and nervous or frantic energy. Or health issues such as allergies, gut trouble, weight.
  • Why does my dog eat sticks and rocks?
  • How to read labels.
  • Where to buy.
  • Smaller less stinky poops!
  • Some brand recommendations.
  • Do I need supplements?
  • Should I make my own dog food?
  • Dental care and MORE

If you do one thing, buy this book! (and read it!)

#1 New York Times Bestseller

In this pathbreaking guide, two of the world’s most popular and trusted pet care advocates reveal new science to teach us how to delay aging and provide a long, happy, healthy life for our canine companions.

Available on Amazon click here


 Where to purchase pet food

The PDF goes over this but here a few quick links if you are like me and prefer to order online and have it delivered.

Prices are typically better as is selection. First time orders offer a good discount so I recommend ordering a good variety and amount for that first shipment!

The three I use most are.. Darwins Natural Pet –They have an excellent introductory offer!

Open Farm at They carry just about every brand I use (except Darwins).

Dog & Cat Food

Darwins is top quality, convienient, cost effective, and they have  prescription foods available. It’s a fantasic pet food! I often joke that we should be eating it as well as the dogs! Prior to becoming a Darwins customer several years ago, I had been feeding very good food. My dogs were healthy and in great shape, but when I started feeding Darwins to my dogs I noticed an improvement. I do feed a variety of foods but I feed Darwins the majority of the time. They have an excellent introductory offer!

Small Batch is another great option for raw

Dog & Cat Food and Supplements

 Mercola Market

They have some great supplements for your pets (and you). I regularly use the digestive enzymes (if you feed dry kibble you need this!), krill oil, mushroom complex and antioxidant complex. If you make your dog’s food they have a must buy supplement, Meal Mix, to add in so you’re not missing any vital nutrients needed and so often overlooked by well meaning pet parents cooking for their dog.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutra Thrive from Ultimate Pet Nutrition is an excellent, well rounded nutritional supplement. Includes essentials your pets diet may likely be missing and aids in digestion, gut health, and the ability to get the most from their diet. The first link has an introductory offer, the second has more product information.

Health & Wellness 

Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian. She will help you truly understand your pets health! Great articles, newsletters and Facebook posts.

“I believe the Art of Medicine is understanding not only the myriad of insults that create disease, but having an arsenal of non-toxic, innovative approaches to help unlock the innate potential inside a pet’s body for healing and recovery to occur. My goal is to not just to identify the root causes of disease and degeneration in pets, but to prevent the body from breaking by taking a proactive stance towards intentionally creating vibrant, thriving animals.” – Dr. Karen Becker

 Rattlesnake Aversion Training

Living in Arizona, means being aware of rattlesnakes, even in winter months. To a dog that is unaware, a rattlesnake may look like a toy or a prey animal to be sniffed out & investigated. They might chase or try to bite the snake, leading to them getting bit, instead.

Rattlesnake aversion training has been proven safe and very effective in helping to prevent dogs from being bitten by rattlesnakes.  There are several rattlesnake proofing services in the area.

Here is one:

Vanya Moreno of Animal Magnetism