“It’s always difficult to leave your family member when travel takes you out of the city; however, the trip I recently took went so much better with the knowledge that my dog Cody was in the care of Kristen at Camp Jimmydog. A wonderful overall experience, I won’t leave Cody anywhere else!!!”

Please read this page carefully. 

It includes important information regarding possible fees, medical attention, paperwork, what to bring/not bring and more.

Please read thoroughly.

These policies and procedures are in place for the wellbeing of our guests. Your dogs happiness and safety are always our top priority.

All boarded dogs must be;

  • very well socialized and good with other dogs in social situations
  • well socialized with people
  • current on vaccinations (Contact me if you have questions or concerns regarding your dog and vaccinations.)
  • spayed or neutered (if over 6mos. old)
  • have never harmed another dog/pet or person

Meet and greets. Do I need to visit with my dog before making a reservation?

  • Typically we do require a meet & greet. During our initial phone call we will discuss your dog’s temperament and history to help determine if your dog is a good fit for Camp Jimmydog. If it seems like a match we will then schedule a M&G.  Meet and greets are typically scheduled in mornings and you should plan for a 30 minute visit.
 What are our hours and schedules for dropping off and picking up?
  • It is IMPORTANT that we know when people will be arriving here. It allows us to prepare so drop offs and pick ups are safe and stress free for both the dogs and the humans. It also eliminates the possibility that I’ll be in the shower or out behind the barn when you arrive.
  • Drop offs are scheduled in the mornings only. It always works best for the dogs. Morning drop offs allow the arriving dogs to acclimate and also serves to provide a dependable schedule for ourselves as well as our visitors.
  • Pick up hours are flexible, mornings and afternoons.
  • Final pick up at 6pm
  • No drop offs or pick ups on holiday’s. This includes Christmas Eve (if an exception is made there will be an additional $50 fee)
How many dogs do we board at one time?

We typically average 4 to 7 overnight guests at one time. Daycare visitors average 0-4.

There is always someone to play or cuddle with but there is plenty of space for all. We work to make sure it’s never overwhelming or overstimulating for our guests and that everyone gets all of the individual attention they deserve.

What do I need to bring? What do I NOT need to bring?
  • Do bring your dogs food.
  • Do bring any medications or supplements your dog takes.
  • Do bring the 2 completed forms if you have not logged into the online portal and entered it already (see below) and vaccination records
  • Do not bring their bowls. We have many.
  • Do not bring toys. We have a large variety. Your toys will be loved and quite possibly destroyed by other visitors. If that’s ok with you and you’d like to bring shareable toys, that’s ok with us 🙂
  • Do not bring beds & blankets. We have plenty of all shapes and sizes (even some heated!) You are welcome to bring one but it is not necessary.
What paperwork is required? 
  • Boarding Agreement  You will receive this document electronically for signature.
  • A copy of current vaccination records from your veterinarian.
  • An electronic copy of our Boarding Agreement will be emailed to you for your signature.
  • PLEASE READ the paperwork carefully. Though we do all we can to make sure our guests are safe and happy there is always a chance that, as with any day care, kennel, dog park or even YOUR home, something can go wrong. It is important that you know and understand our policies, and agree to them should you board with us.
What vaccinations are required?

Rabies (required by law), DHPP (distemper, parvovirus,parainfluenza, hepatitis) combo, Bordetella (kennel cough) Leptospirosis. However, we are against over vaccinating. If you have questions or if your dog cannot have vaccinations for medical reasons please contact me to discuss.

Do we administer medications?

Yes. We can administer any supplements or medications that your dog requires during their visit at  NO extra charge.

Where will my dog sleep?

Where they are most happy and comfortable. Small dogs are usually in our bed, with larger guests on dog beds in our room. Some dogs prefer to sleep in another room on a dog bed or maybe the tile on a summer night.

If your dog is crated at home we are happy to continue that while they are here. If crated overnight we typically crate in our bedroom so they are with us.

How/when are the dogs fed?

We ask that you bring enough of your dogs food for their stay. We feed breakfast & dinner. Free feeding is not possible, and also not recommended for dogs. If your dog is free fed at home, do not worry. They very quickly adapt to being fed 2x daily. We of course make sure food is not shared or argued over. We also make sure that slow eaters and timid eaters have the space and comfort needed to eat. We do have raised bowls for taller dogs. We also use a slow feeder bowls for those that devour their food to quickly. 

Will my dog have access to the inside of the house as well as the yard?

Yes. Guests are always just a dog door away from either the house or the outdoors. When indoors, central air keeps everyone cool in the So. Arizona heat and when outdoors there is always plenty of shade and fresh water available.

Is the outdoor area fenced and safe? (and clean?)

Yes. We are located on 4+ acres, with over one acre securely fenced for use by us and our visitors. We have all shapes and sizes of visitors as well as some very “athletic” visitors. We have kept all of that in mind when fencing the property. We have a double gate for entry and departures. We jokingly refer to it as our “air lock”.

Clean! I just felt that I needed to mention it:) Sometimes I think my “real” job title is poop picker upper and vacuum specialist. It’s a fairly steady job. Not only do the dogs prefer a clean house and yard, we also very much prefer a clean house and yard.

Where are we located?

We have two locations. Our original location is on S Kolb Rd. just off of Sahuarita Rd. in Sahuarita. Approx. 3 1/2 miles West of Houghton Rd. and 15 min from either I10 or I19.(Just West of Corona de Tucson) Because it is our home we do not list our address publicly on our website. You will of course receive the address and directions once scheduled. Please note Wilmot Rd is now fully paved from I10 South to Sahuarita Rd. (YAY!)  

Our second location is conveniently 5 minutes south of I10 off of the Vail- Wentworth exit. Just 20 minutes from the Vail Farm Market and 30 minutes from mid-town Tucson.

What if something happens and our pet needs medical attention?

Everything we do is with your pets safety and happiness in mind, however…… they are animals (Yes! They really are:) and you never know what may happen. We go above and beyond in our efforts but in a cage free, social situation unfortunately there are always risks.As a pet first aid instructor I have told many people to be sure that they have an emergency plan in place before something occurs. It allows you to move quicker and remain calmer. It can make a huge difference in the final outcome. We do our best to make sure we don’t have to put our plan into action but we are prepared to do so if needed.

When you become a client we ask for your pets vet info; all of your contact numbers and an emergency contact in case you are not able to be reached. In addition, you will be asked to sign a form giving us permission to have your pet treated in the event that none of the above can be reached. (Most Vets will NOT treat without this signed permission.)

In most cases your vet will be the first vet we try to contact. If we are unable to reach them we will then contact a vet of our choice. We treat everyone as our own and we will not delay in getting them the attention they need.

Are the dogs supervised at all times?

We are a two adult household with many years of pet experience between us. Your pups are our top priority while they are here and we are vigilant about their comfort, safety and supervision. They are my only job and focus. My husband Steve works out of his automotive shop which is located on our property. 

Like having kids in the house, we are hyper aware of who is where, their habits, behaviors and so on, but we are not a kennel, it is a home and a small pack environment.  Just as you don’t have eyes on your dog 100% of the time at your home, it is also impossible for us to do so here. 

Again, this is our home and the dogs are cage-free and in a social environment. While your pets are our top priority, they are animals and we are human. That’s    why these policies and procedures exist, to help us keep everyone as safe and happy as possible.

Indoor Marking (Excessive)

$5 ($10 for large/giant breeds) day Indoor Marking Fee: This only applies to dogs that persistently mark indoors. This covers the use of male wraps, additional cleaning, etc. Pee happens. It’s not that they are bad dogs, sometimes instinct wins. They probably don’t do it at home but they also don’t live with the variety of dogs they will see here 🙂

Poop Eaters: 

There are several reasons dogs will start this habit. You can read about them in the PDF on nutrition etc on our resource page. 

A $2.50 per day fee will be added to the boarding rate. While we do pick up frequently we are extra diligent about it when we have a dog with this habit. We don’t want them getting any and we don’t want others to see and possibly pick up the habit. Clean water, water bowls and bedding etc. are additional challenges that we need to stay on top of.  

Why do we charge more for puppies?

We love puppies! With all of our guests it’s extremely important to me that they return home with their same good behavior or possibly even better after their stay with us. This is even more important with puppies. Puppies are always learning. Every experience teaches them something. My goal is that it’s teaching them something good. We reinforce the training and behaviors you have in place and help your puppy continue to grow and learn the positive and desired behaviors that will aid them (and you) throughout their life.

From potty training to crate training, chewing appropriate items (not remotes & shoes),  to good dog etiquette and social skills. These are things apply to all of our guests however puppies require and receive significantly more time and attention.

Puppy fees (under 1 year old) range from $85 – $65. Depending on the age and behavior of the pup.

Is a deposit required?

  • A deposit of 50% is required for holiday reservations.
  • We reserve the right to require a deposit at any time.
  • All deposits are non-refundable
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.